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Success is simple; Do it once. Do what's right, the right way, at the right time.

-Arnold S. Glasgow

At L & L Landscaping we are committed to giving you quality workmanship from the start of a custom design to the completion of construction. We are dedicated to bringing your landscape ideas to life while providing the best products and services.

Throughout the whole process with L & L Landscaping, you are working with an owner; Ross, Bruce and Jesse. We start from the premise that Everything is Guaranteed and ‘The Buck Stops here’.

This creates a positive mental attitude and accountability with everyone in L & L.  When we install it, it’s done right with the best quality material and best industry practices that we have been honing for 4 decades. 

We have created a company wide system, a 'Do it right the first time’ mentality. We preach this to our crew members weekly during our safety meetings. Everyone in our company has this mindset knowing that we have a zero tolerance policy for shoddy work or shortcuts. Our system insures you will get a quality project with L & L.

 We Know     What    Works & What  Doesn't.


Custom Fire Pits, Custom Water Features, Deck Design, Drafting, Drought Tolerant Landscaping, Garden Design, Gazebo Design & Construction, Hardscaping, Landscape Design, Landscape Plans, Organic Gardens, Patio Design, Pool Landscaping, Project Management, Shed Design & Construction, Site Planning, Swimming Pool Design and more- just ask!


Bruce has made it his life's work to develop best working practices and delve into the material science of everything outdoors. Some of the questions Bruce asked himself early on tell the story; Why is everyones concrete cracking terribly, some after just a few years? Why are most of the drip systems other contractors install junk after the same few years?  Why are new tract home south facing fascia boards paint failing after a couple years? Plants too big for their location, Roots causing havoc with foundations and drainage system,   Etc. We have analyzed thousands of examples of poor design, shoddy workmanship and failed materials, some of which you no doubt experienced at your own home. 


From questions like those and many decades of hands on experience, we at L & L have developed a model of best practices using high quality materials. 

Bruce has diagnosed and repaired multiple housing developments with common irrigation systems that had horrible leaks when no one else could. We've repaired an irrigation system that leaked 100,000 gallons a day that was improperly installed at the irrigation main piping.  Another significant one was leaking 70,000 gal a day. We had landscape maintenance company that maintained over a hundred model home complexes as they came and went for almost 20 years. We utilize all of this experience of “What works” and “ What doesn’t” to give you the best possible project.

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